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Your word says that i can have it, and i believe what you have said. It really is that simple.

What kind of baptism does God accept? |
What kind of baptism does God accept? | from
It really is that simple. These groups usually hold to some form of modalism. God does not give this power to someone and then say, you can take the part you like and leave the part you do not like. if you want to be immersed in the spirit, you need to be prepared to obey the spirit.

When you are both in the water, you'll slowly say the confession of faith in phrases and let the person repeat after you.

Problems occur when most of the time is pent praying without proper instruction. Simply repeat this prayer out loud: He is eager to answer your request. The baptism in the holy spirit, or the infilling of the holy spirit, is a secondary experience to salvation. It's important that we clarify the meaning of biblical terms like baptism in (or with) the holy spirit because it is a biblical term. And it is true because luke says that being baptized in the spirit is being clothed with power from on high so that message of christ can be taken effectively to all the nations of the world (luke 24:49). But ye shall be baptized with the holy ghost not many days hence… Salvation is a result of the action of the holy spirit, and one receives the holy spirit, but one can always receive a new empowerment. What to do to be baptized in the holy spirit: Receiving the holy spirit is so important to the lord that he commanded the apostles not to go anywhere until they have received the spirt (luke 24:49,acts 1:4). There are only seven passages in the new testament where we read of someone being baptized in the holy spirit. Can someone be saved without receiving the baptism of the holy spirit? He jesus shall baptize you with the holy ghost, and with fire.' (matthew 3:11). Fifth, you need to believe. Then you'll bless them and lower them into the water. It is given freely as a gift, just as salvation is a gift, you can not buy it, you can not earn it. The baptism of the holy spirit was predicted by john the baptist (mark 1:8) and by jesus before he ascended to heaven: No one can baptize anyone else in the spirit, only the lord can do that because he is the baptizer. For john truly baptized with water; Once they are born again, the apostles in jerusalem send peter and john to go there and baptise these new believers in the holy spirit. Similarly, there is the baptism of the holy spirit and of fire in matthew 3:11 and luke 3:16. Ask jesus to baptize you in the spirit. Purpose of the baptism in the holy spirit. Jesus revealed the purpose of the baptism in acts chapter 1:5&8. A baptism of the holy spirit upon believers and a baptism of fiery judgment upon unbelievers (cf. Dear heavenly father, i come to you in the name of jesus, and i desire to be baptized with your holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Realize christ is the baptizer. You have to be born again to receive the baptism of the holy spirit, but once you are, you do not have to wait to receive your prayer language either. The greek word for baptism— baptizo —means to dip or to immerse. this points to the traditional act of baptism, the immersion in water. The baptism of the holy spirit john answered them all, saying, 'i baptize you with water, but he who is mightier than i is coming, the strap of whose sandals i am not worthy to untie. The process for baptizing someone includes making some preparations ahead of time.